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Data and Analytics

It’s been more than 10 years now, that Softcrylic has been working with organizations to get better and richer actionable insights from their Web analytics tools. There are a number of ways we can partner with your organization.

Technology Selection and Strategy

Our extensive knowledge of analytics vendors and their products help your organization determine what is the best solution to track any one or more of your digital applications.
Our consultants provide you with a road map with recommendations on how to get the most out of your web analytics data.

Audits and Implementation

We have audited analytics implementations and implemented proper tagging on many websites and mobile apps. We can provide technical consultants to assist your development team with the implementation or we can provide engineers who will efficiently get the tagging solution set up and working correctly.

Insights and Analysis

The real value in web analytics is using the collected data to optimize your business. From AB Testing to abandoned cart analysis, we will work with you to drive value and increase performance of your digital applications.

Our Expertise

Data & Analytical intelligence has become a competitive differentiator and we help enterprises gain a competitive edge by utilizing the power of information in data and business processes.


The purpose of an Analytics Audit is to assure data is captured as expected by the business to produce accurate and actionable reports. Our Analytics Auditing services help bring a sense of confidence in the data that you are capturing and reporting upon. 

Our process involves:

  • Understanding the business objectives of the site, associated reports and overall business Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Perform an audit of existing tagging schema validating that data is accurately captured and sent to the analytics provider
  • Assess the ‘As-is’ implementation versus the overall business and site objectives

From this analysis, we produce:

  • An exception report displaying inaccurate data parameter captures
  • A recommendations guide for implementation to capture data points with better Key Performance Indicators
  • An assessment pointing out Quick Fix items and highlighting major concerns that may be costing the company

Beyond a generalized audit of an overall analytics implementation, we provide auditing services focused on particular areas of concern for an organization. For instance, we provide a shopping cart abandonment analysis for retail and e-commerce clients.

Shopping cart abandonment audit will focus on the checkout funnel after a customer has added a product to their shopping cart. From here, we see the common exit points and provide recommendations on improving conversion of purchases.


Once it is clear what needs to be captured for reporting purposes, it is equally as important to assure implementation of the selected analytics solution is done correctly. Softcrylic provides a unique combination of hardcore programming experience along with deep understanding of the business needs around analytics.

Some of the common analytics implementation problems
we have seen include:

  • Implementations that simply do not capture accurate data
  • Post-implementation deployments which wipe out an accurate implementation
  • Inefficient implementations resulting in a time consuming process to produce reports

What we do differently:

  • Our engineers work with our analytics personnel to assure end results reflect the laid out requirements and objectives
  • Our QA Analysts produce test scripts reflecting the requirements and which are reusable to assess the impact of post-implementation deployments on the analytics install
  • We can program within complex architectures to produce a stable and straight forward implementation of the requirements

Reporting and Insights

In house analytics teams are often pulled in multiple directions with various groups requesting reports. Analytics reporting often requires pulling data from multiple sources then compiling the data into a common report. This can be a very time consuming process where trends and insights can be overlooked in the rush to complete the reporting. Combining these two forces of multiple requests and multiple data sources equals no time for the Analytics analysts to actually provide insights on the data. This is exactly where you can seek our help.

We focus on areas of most interest to you:

  • Funnel analysis
  • Issues with browsers and operating systems
  • Internal search analysis
  • User tests for business critical tasks
  • Execute BI modelling and reporting across platforms
  • Testing and Optimization
  • Platform integration with other enterprise automation platforms

We set up an extended Analytics team for organizations to help deliver timely analytics reporting and the bandwidth to provide insights that an in house team needs. We parse out the tasks such as pulling data, that can be done by our skilled Analytics staff offshore to take advantage of cost savings for our clients.

Our clients also take advantage of the time difference with the offshore team to have their reports ready when they arrive in the morning. Beyond producing reports, we are capable of finding the trends and insights that help business stakeholders make decisions based on data.

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