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Automate-On is a Test Automation Platform designed to help IT organizations automate functional, visual and performance testing of their applications in multiple Browsers, Devices, OS and Screen Resolutions. It is a platform that scales on the cloud which allows test scripts to be executed on cloud machines and mobile devices removing the need for customers to maintain all those computer systems and mobile devices needed for testing. Moreover it provides comprehensive and detailed reporting on the tests that are executed for customers to identify defects quickly.

Key Features


Seamless Integration

Automate-On integrates seamlessly with various tool sets. Integrates with your defect tracking tools such as JIRA to help you add defects to your defect tracking system with detailed test execution reports in text, screenshots and video formats.


Accurate Test Results

Accurate and Comprehensive test results with screen shots and recorded video pinpointing the defects for effective communication with the dev team, increasing productivity and faster go-to-market cycles.


Works With Open Source

Automate-On primarily works with open sources testing tools and frameworks such as Selenium WebDriver, Appium and JMeter. Run your tests developed on these tools in our platform.

How Automate-On Works?

Designed on Java, Automate-On allows you to reuse, execute manual and automated test scripts for Desktop, Web and Mobile applications. The Test Automation Framework’s flexibility is extended with the Management Studio that allows even non-technical professionals to visually create test jobs, re-run them repeatedly, compare test results with historical test results data and reuse across projects.


The what, when, and how of your perfect applications is here!


Improve your applications overall quality across platforms and devices


Develop and release quality applications faster to market


Improve performance of applications by testing them on multiple platforms with accurate test results


Identify defects sooner in your testing cycle


Make resources productive and creative by taking the pressure off from manual QA


Reduce cost through effective usage of automation and cloud infrastructure

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