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Triumph Learning, a leading educational content company needed to build a robust, technology solution that caters to blended learning for students to explore, accelerate learning and build resilience and confidence in ELA and Math. Softcrylic, a global IT services firm partnered with Triumph Learning and delivered WaggleTM a multi-award winning online smart practice learning platform on-budget on-time with value adding integration aspects with other knowledge solution partners of Triumph Learning.

The Challenge

Printed educational resources alone didn’t accommodate growth in demand and frequently changing education standards adopted from State to State. A desired digital solution needed to be rapidly built with advanced reporting, flexible administration, scalability and adaptive learning functionality within budget and in accordance to industry standards with the following objectives.

Business Objectives

  • Engaging and intuitive courses and learning games for students
  • Enable Teaches to track student progress
  • Alert and allow teachers to pay attention to students who are struggling
  • Provide teachers the help they need in planning, predicting and adjusting their instruction per a particular students needs
  • Flexibility to serve markets testing for Common Core standards and those with State specific standards
  • Visual, intuitive and instructive reporting
  • Integration with existing school registration systems

Technical Objectives

  • Purely cloud based infrastructure
  • Highly scalable to serve 65,000 concurrent students
  • Single Page Architecture
  • Functional on multiple tablet devices
  • Content Management System integration
  • Adaptive Learning engine integration
  • Data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities

The Solution

In order to meet the business and technical objectives of this project, we evaluated several technology options for building out the solution. The platform is a best of breed product consisting of a responsive design front-end and a back-end composed of enterprise and open source technologies. The hosting of the solution is all cloud based allowing for cost effective scaling. The specific technology stack is composed of the following technologies:

UI Layer

  • AngularJS
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JSON
  • JQuery
  • Grunt
  • Foundation

Application Layer

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server
  • .NET WCF
  • MySQL
  • OAuth
  • Knewton
  • Clever

Data Warehouse /
Business Intelligence Layer

  • Amazon Web Services S3
  • Amazon Redshift
  • MongoDB
  • Talend
  • Jaspersoft

This large of an effort required a sizable team of IT professionals ranging from Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Software Engineers, Test Engineers, BI/DW Engineers. Softcrylic built out the entire team both onsite at Triumph Learning to be close to the business domain expertise, and we leveraged our offshore operations both for cost effectiveness and expanded coverage. This approach also allowed for a smooth transition from the heavy lifting onsite work during the critical development phases of the project to a support model more dependent on offshore after the product launch.


Waggle ( launched successfully on time and within budget. The growth and the
reception of the product in the market has been beyond expectations.

  • As of the end of 2015 the statistics on Waggle are as follows:
  • Number of Schools: 450
  • Number of Students: 52,000
  • Number of Teachers: 5000

The scalable architecture of the platform has been able to easily accommodate the growth in users.

Waggle has also been the recipient of
a number of honors and awards

Next Steps

The partnership between Softcrylic and Triumph from the beginning of the WaggleTM product initiative in properly aligning business objectives and effectively delivering a technology platform to meet the industry needs and integration with various knowledge partners continues to extend for further development of WaggleTM in 2016.

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